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Punta Penna (a rocky promontory) - ITALY

(Promontorio roccioso di Punta Penna - Abruzzo) Vasto, 50 mt

Punta Aderci (a rocky promontory)
Among the many natural beauties on the Adriatic coast of Vasto Punta Penna is charming, as it inspires ancient legends.
Punta Penna lies on a ring of huge rocks, made of organic remains, rising straight to the sea; it is a little to the north of Vasto, leaning over the Adriatic Sea like a offshoot, in a fertile soil, rich in fresh water springs and salubrious air.
To the north you can see Aderci rock, an extraordinarily big rock on whose top a many-towered castle lied in the past.
Vasto, 50 mt.

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Punta Penna


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