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Orfento Valley - ITALY

(Valle dell'Orfento - Abruzzo)
Caramanico Terme, 600 mt

Orfento Valley
It is located in the splendid valley of the Orfento river in the borough of Caramanico Terme (PE).
On the warmest walls the nebrodense ephedra grows and on the cool glades there is the wonderful pegrine peony.
The hedge sparrow and the crossbill find shelter in the thick mountain pine, and the snow finch, the rock pipit and the Greek partridge nest in the high altitude meadows.
The sparrowhawk, the hobby and the peregrine can be see. Italy Parks It's reported the presence of the otter, the wolf, the deer, the chamois and the bear.
Caramanico Terme, 600 mt.

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Orfento Valley


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