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Lake of Barrea - ITALY

(Lago di Barrea - Abruzzo)
Barrea, 1066 mt

(Lago di Barrea - Abruzzo)
Barrea, 1066 mt

(Lago di Barrea - Abruzzo)
Barrea, 1066 mt

(Lago di Barrea - Abruzzo)
Barrea, 1066 mt
Lake of Barrea
Perched on a spur in the middle of the Sagittario Valley, one of the most beautiful areas in L'Aquila province, it is a tourist resort for summer and winter sports; tourists are offered leisure facilities, natural beauties and art, folklore, handicraft (goldsmith's and pillow lace's art). (Scanno, 1100 mt).
The blocking up of the river Tasso because of a landslip that slid down Mount Genzana originated the lake, fed by the above-mentioned river.
You can enjoy the lake especially in summer. In the several small but well-equipped beaches you can go for a swim, hire pedalos, windsurfs, canoes, deckchairs and sunshades.
Scanno is one of the most beautiful and equipped winter tourist resort in Central and Southern Italy. It has two ski centres that can meet skiers' requirements thanks to extremely modern skilifts and well-kept ski slopes for cross-country skiing.


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Barrea Lake


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