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Typical Italian produce
Even though Sardinia was invaded by Phoenician people, Spanish, Genoese and Piedmontese people in the past, it was able to preserve its own cuisine.
Its fame for the lobster of Alghero and the fact the region is surrounded by the sea could make people think that Sardinian cuisine is above all sea cooking, but it is not true. In fact, still today the island's cuisine is based on the combination of agricultural and shepherd's economy.


(Aragosta - Lobster)
Alghero, 0 mt
- Lobster
From May 5 to June 3 2005 a gastronomic exhibition devoted to lobster takes place in the beautiful Alghero. The inhabitants of Alghero like that kind of shellfish so much that they organize the so-called "Lobster in Alghero cuisine": several restaurants of the city offer lobster-based menu, whose prices are more reasonable than in the rest of the year. On that occasion Alghero becomes a sort of big restaurant on the sea.
Alghero cooking is above all shellfish-based. Typical dishes are: "Catalan" lobster (aragosta "alla Catalana"), which is boiled and served with salt, pepper and olive oil; lobster with citrus fruit; "Alghero" lobster , that is served with raw tomatoes and onions; lobster with ricotta (cottage cheese).


(Pane frattau alla Sassarese)
Sassari, 225 mt
- Frattau bread
Plunge "music paper" to pieces into boiling salted water for few seconds, strain and put it into the plates; spread over it some tomato sauce, pecorino cheese, an egg and dust it again with pecorino cheese. Each fellow guest will open the egg and will mix it with the other ingredients. You can replace the poached eggs with plain eggs. Since it is not easy to find the "music paper", you can make the Frattau bread by using lasagne made of egg noodles. Boil them in hot salted water; add some oil to avoid that they stick to each other.


Alghero, 0 mt
- Bottarga (Botargo)
On the Italian coasts fish are preserved in several ways. Mullet botargo (bottarga di muggine) and tuna botargo ( bottarga di tonno) are very popular in Sardinia. Mullet botargo is the most tender, the rarest and the least well-known outside the island. It is salted, pressed, ripe and flat big salami-shaped. It tastes strong. It is ideal for canapé; however you can eat it sliced or serve pasta with it.


(Pecorino Sardo)
- Sardinian Pecorino Cheese (Sardinian Sheep's Cheese)
It is a DOC cheese that is made only in Sardinia; it is prepared in about 3Kg-shapes. That kind of cheese is eaten roast or as a table cheese when it is less ripe than three months whereas it is also used as a cheese to be grated when it is riper than six months.
Sardinian pecorino cheese is the symbol of Sardinia's dairy tradition. It is made of fresh and whole sheep's milk. Its rind is smooth and thin, white or pale yellow if the pecorino cheese is mild, browner if it is ripe.
The cheese is white, soft and dense; if the cheese is ripe its colour is pale yellow. Sardinian mild pecorino cheese tastes sweet and a little sour, whereas ripe pecorino cheese tastes strong.

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