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Typical Italian produce
Each typical produce of this region has ancient origins and many (e.g. cheeses, sausages, truffles, oil) are still produced through handicraft methods and techniques. In addition, the region is the ideal place for the cultivation of vine thanks to its location - it is situated in the hills - and to its many lands of volcanic origins.


(Guanciale - Lard)
Rome, 0 mt
- Guanciale (Lard)
Guanciale is typical of the Latium region. It is made of pork meat; it is similar to bacon but is less fat. Guanciale is so-called because you get it from the pig's cheeks and throat. It is used to prepare many local dishes, such as pasta "all'amatriciana" or broad beans with guanciale.


(Roman Pecorino Cheese)
Rome, 225 mt
- Roman Pecorino Cheese (Roman Sheep's Cheese)
Roman Pecorino Cheese is a D.O.P. produce. It is energy-giving and you can easily preserve it. In the past it was the main food for Roman legionaries.
This kind of cheese is worked like that: the "cagliata" (i.e., the paste got from the curdling of sheep's milk) is cooked at a temperature of no more 50 degrees. Afterwards the paste is pressed and put into shapes. The shapes are salted for three months and then they are riped for about eight months in a fresh and airy place so that the Pecorino cheese becomes strong, granular and hard.
You can find the fresh Roman Pecorino cheese too. It is a soft and thick cheese, ideal for starters but you can also serve it together with a bit of extra-virgin olive oil. The ripe Pecorino cheese is ideal both as a table cheese and as a cheese to be grated on first courses.


Rome, 0 mt
- Frascati Wine
Frascati is a D.O.C. wine produced in Frascati and Grottaferrata. It is straw yellow, tastes soft but rich and a bit bitterish and smells fruity. Frascati is a dry wine, ideal as a table wine.


(Pecorino Sardo)
- Moscato di Terracina raisin Wine
Got from Moscato di Terracina grapes, this kind of wine is amber, smells aromatic and tastes sweet. It is a 14-degree wine and it is suitable not only for desserts but also for ripe cheeses and paté.
It is said that the enchantress Circe ravished Ulysses just thanks to this wine's fragrance.

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