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Aeroporti di Roma (ADR S.p.A.) [Rome Airports] was born in 1974 as a Company for the management and the development of the capital city's airport system, which is made up of "Leonardo da Vinci" intercontinental Airport of Roma-Fiumicino and "Giovan Battista Pastine" Airport of Roma-Ciampino.
Over the years the infrastructures of the two Roman airports have been improved and modernized thanks to several interventions by ADR, thus satisfying the increasing demand by users for air transport and for services' quality. ADR control and organize the airports jointly, exploiting their different but complementary features.

Fiumicino Airport - ROME

Fiumicino is the “hub” airport of airline and national, international and intercontinental charter traffic.

"Leonardo da Vinci" Airport of Fiumicino
via dell'Aeroporto di Fiumicino, 00050 Fiumicino (RM)
tel: +39 06 65951

Facilities for passengers
In the airport you can find: information desks, post offices, exchange bureaus, banks, bancomat and money change counters, chemist's shops, special assistance offices, left luggage office and an Executive Centre for meetings and conferences.

Ciampino Airport - ROME

Ciampino is the city airport for the air low cost traffic, the “courier express” goods traffic and the air force in general.

"G.B. Pastine" Airport of Roma Ciampino
via Appia Nuova 1651, 00040 Roma Ciampino
tel: +39 06 65951

Facilities for passengers
In the airport you can find: information desk, post office, bank, bancomat and money change counters, chemist's shop, medical service and assistance to disabled people.

from Airport to Rome: Car Rental

~ Car Rental in Fiumicino:

  • Europcar
    ph. +39 06 65010879
  • Hertz
    ph. +39 06 65954143
  • Maggiore
    ph. +39 06 65010678
  • Auto Europa
    ph. +39 06 65010678

~ Car Rental in Ciampino:

  • Europcar
    ph. +39 06 79340387
  • Hertz
    ph. +39 06 79340095
  • Maggiore
    ph. +39 06 79340368
  • Auto Europa
    ph. +39 06 79494408

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