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Sulmona: City of Love


...and I ( you know, o Giulia ), I missed love: I had a profound and incoercible desire to love: I loved to love, as Saint Augustine said...
from " Lettere a Giulia " by Giuseppe Capograssi

-Why is Sulmona the City of Love?
Sulmona is the birthplace of Ovidio, and Ovidio is the poet of love. The cantor who, in his life, always celebrated this sentiment, interpreting it in its every possible declension.
This loving approach to all things in life is in very soul of Sulmona, which has become the worldwide capital of the “confetto”: the confection that has always accompanied those special moments of love.

Sulmona is at the centre of the network of natural Parks of Abruzzo, “Europe’s Green Region”: she is lovingly ensconced and sweetly caressed by a luxuriant nature.
Sulmona is the place where Saint Peter of the Morrone, Pope Celestine V, founded the Order of the Celestines which would spread Christian love, forgiveness and solidarity throughout the world. In the short, her history, nature, traditions and all that she has always stood for make “the City of Love” a natural and fitting title.



(Sulmona, City of Love)
Sulmona, 400 mt
The Idea
“Sulmona, City of Love” is the expression of an idea promoted by the ARS association. Beginning whit the obvious tie between Sulmona and the concept of Love, it brings one to identify this city as the capital of Love , in all its forms. Thus, every tipe of love, from that which is shared with another human being, to that wh ich we feel for nature, for food, for life itself…A modern and universal concept of love!

This initiative promotes such a concept to enrich and help this city to grow, bringing to it an excellent development opportunity. The inextricable link it creates , between Sulmona and the concept of Love, becomes a versatile tool to promote Sulmona’s identity to the world.
“Sulmona City of Love” thus becomes a true hallmark, available to those wishing to use it, bringing them to consider it a personal and exclusive tool to be used to maximize the potential of the products most rapresentative of this land , both in Italy and abroad, offering the city vast and extended windows of opportunity.


(Sweet Confetto Day)
Sulmona, 400 mt
The first event
On May 14, 15 and 16, Sulmona City of Love and jewel of Italy, will host an event whose impact will ripple far beyond our national borders : this event called “Sweet confetto- sweetness makes you fall in love-” is a part of a larger project called “Lovely Abruzzo” whose objective is to promote the best in production capabilities in the area as well as the products most representative of this land , not just in Italy but also abroad , particularly the “confetto” and the small and medium- sized enterprises in this Region.

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