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Pescara - Ortona - Vasto, 0 mt
~ Trabocchi - "Trabocchi" are unusual fishing contraptions constructed in wood appearing fragile to the eye. The structure stands on stilts with ladders and is suspended over the turquoise sea, and in time, in a place that is neither land nor open sea. They bear ancient witness of a strange relationship between man and sea, a rapport that is primitive, profound yet presents non risks. Today these "machines" have finally come under the protection of regional laws. The stretch of the Chieti's coast-line that extends from Francavilla to San Salvo is the most richest in these "Trabocchi" that are both charming and well-preserved.
~ Volto Santo - In a church called the Sanctuary of Volto Santo (Sacred Face) in the province of Pescara people have worshipped for more than 400 years an image of Christ: according to many people it is the only and real image of Christ made by no human being. Therefore its origin would be divine.
~ Pescara beach - Pescara is in a strategic position as it overlooks the sea but has at its back a mountain landscape dominated by the Majella Massif and Mount Gran Sasso; in addition Pescara is a modern and active city as well as a health resort with excellent bathing facilities.


  • FIRST WEEK OF JUNE - Pescara (hills area): OUR LADY OF SORROWS' DAY.
  • JULY - Pescara - FESTIVAL JAZZ, one of the most well-known jazz seasons at international level (tel. 085/374198 - site: http://www.pescarajazz.com/).
  • END OF JULY - Pescara - ST ANDREW'S DAY, procession on the sea and fish tasting.
  • END OF JULY/AUGUST - Pescara (Tourist Port) - MEDITERRANEAN DIET, fair of Abruzzo typical products at the Tourist Port in Pescara (Chamber of Commerce Pescara (tel. 085/45361).
  • AUGUST - Pescara (Tourist Port) - EXHIBITION OF HANDICRAFT - a tour of the craft shops located on that occasion at the tourist port in Pescara, where you can buy the local handicrafts.
  • 10 OCTOBER - Pescara - ST CETTEO'S DAY - religious ceremonies, recreational activities and concerts are organized in Garibaldi Square.

Last Sunday of July, Pescara: ST ANDREW'S DAY. Procession of fishing boats on the sea and several shows. The statue of St Andrew is carried out of the port followed by a procession of boats and fishermen which first puts out to sea and then enters the port again, after having curved to the beach. This ceremony recalls the legend of the shining fish, common to a lot of seaside towns. According to it, a poor fisherman shot the nets three times, finding a treasure, but he lost it; at last, when he shot the nests for the fourth time, he caught only a small fish giving out much light. He hung it on the front door.Just during that night a terrible storm made the fishermen's return trip very difficult and they were guided towards the seashore by the light given out by the small fish. From then on every night when the fishermen came ashore, they were used to give a part of the catch to the old fisherman thankfully as a present.

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