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Cave of Zinzilusa

The cave was called Zinzulusa because the stalactite hanging above its entrance look like pieces of cloth (in the local dialect "zinzuli" mean "rags").
The cave, which is less than one kilometre far from the small village of Castro, attracts many tourists. In 1793 Monsignor Del Duca discovered the cave: he was amazed at those wonderful natural "sculptures" created by the sea erosion; he thought that Minerva's temple, which was built according to the mythology by Hercules as an offer to the godness in order to thank her for her help against the Giants, was just inside that cave.


(Zinzilusa cave)
You can enter the cave not only by sea but also by land thanks to a pathway along the side of the coast slope. Zinzulusa cave is 150 metres long and on account of recent researches it is thought that it has got further deep ramifications.
The cave's Atrio (Hall) is formed by a cliff which is at about 30 metres above the sea level. Going on from the Atrio to the bottom of the cave you get to the Vestibolo (Vestibule). From the Vestibolo through a 8-metre high mainstair you get to the Conca (Hollow), an ellyptic-base cave whose northern part ends in a small lake, which is about 100 qm wide and 5 metres deep.
The longest area of Zinzulusa cave is called "Corridor of wonderful things" thanks to the wonderful calcareous concretions ornating its walls. Along the corridor you can see many stalagmite.
The ending part of the Corridor is formed by the Crypt, a small cave, rich in calcareous columns, which gets to the Duomo. It is a 25-metre high cave that has been formed by underground waters among the walls of tufa rock.




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