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City of Brindisi - Italy

Founded by the Messapi people, Brindisium was a very important port city under the Romans, who linked it to Rome throughout Appia street and Traiana street in order to improve the trade with the East, hence its name as "ancient door of East".From September 1943 to February 1944 it was the capital city of Italy.


(Port of Brindisi)
Brindisi, 0 mt
The Port
Because of the peculiar shape of its bay - it is made up of two deep creeks, the so-called Seno di Levante (the Eastern Inlet) and Seno di Ponente ( the Western Inlet) - the Messapi people, who founded the city in VIII century, called the settlement "Brunda" (i.e. "head of deer"). Today it is an embarkation place for tourists going to Greece.


(Cathedral of Brindisi)
Brindisi, 0 mt
The Cathedral
The Cathedral is dedicated to St John the Baptist. The Romanesque facade dates back to the XII century but the reconstruction of the building as well as of the belfry dates back to the second half of the eighteenth century. Inside the Cathedral you can see St Theodor's relics, i.e. the Patron Saint of the city, a floor mosaic similar to the one inside the Cathedral of Oranto and a XVI-century wooden choir.


(Castle of Brindisi)
Brindisi, 0 mt
Castello Svevo (The Swabian Castle)
Built by Frederick II, the castle overlooks the port on the side of Seno di Ponente (the Eastern Inlet); the building included the former houses and during the XV century the Aragonese added towers and walls. The castle was also a prison and a military base. In 1943 it was the residence of Vittorio Emanuele III.


(Column in Brindisi)
Brindisi, 0 mt
Colonna Romana (The Roman Column)
The column is located at the entrance of the inner port and it is the symbol of the city. In the past it was a landmark for sailors and it is a proof that Appia street stretched up to this city. The column is 19 metres tall, it is made up of eight marble blocks coming from Turkey and ends with a capital ornated with human and mithological figures and with acanthus leaves.



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