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City of Patù
It is the smallest village in Lecce.It was founded during IX century, when the Salento was invaded by the Saracen people.It was a time of great suffering for local people: the name itself of the village refers to that suffering as it comes from the Greek word "pathos", meaning "tension", "pain".


City of Patù, 20 mt
Le Centopietre
Originally it was a sepulchral monument (heroon), made up of one hundred big square blocks of stone (hence its name) coming from the ruins of the ancient city of Vereto; the monument was built to bury General Geminiano's relics,which were afterwards moved to his native country, France.
The small temple is quadrangular and measures 7,20 x 5,50 mt and it is 2,60 mt tall in its highest point.It has a two-pitch roof.On the wall opposite the main entrance you can see a fresco portraying thirteen Saints of Eastern origins,standing in frontal position. That is a proof that during the Middle Ages the small temple was changed into an early Christian Church.
In 1873 Centopietre was classified as "Second-class National Monument".


(Church of St. John)
City of Patù, 20 mt
The Church of S. John The Baptist
It is just opposite the Centopietre monument. It was built in order to remind the bloody battle in the year 877 between Christian people and Moor people, where General Geminiano died.The church is in Romanesque-Apulian style: its facade has a wide rose window; it is a church with nave and two aisles; inside the church you can see Byzantine frescoes.


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