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Venice - Typical Products

Typical produce from Italy
Cuisine from Veneto is traditional and creative at the same time.
You can choose among a wide range of dishes: risotto, polenta (maize porridge), vegetables and beans soup as first courses; salt- and fresh-water fish, cooked according to several recipes, as second courses. “Baccalà alla Vicentina”, i.e. dried salted cod, is well-known.
Cuisine from Veneto uses especially rice in its recipes, cooked in several manners: e.g. “Risi and Bisi”, alla pescatora (with seafood), rice with cuttlefish, with “gò” (it is the dialect word for goby, a very widespread kind of lagoon fish).
Cuisine from Veneto has a peculiar feature: fish is cooked exclusively in earthenware pans called “tecia”.


(Prosciutto veneto)
- Ham from Veneto
You get that kind of ham from adult pigs’ cool legs, which are fed on very rich protein food.. The legs are cooled, cleaned up and salted down twice at a five-day interval.
In particular the well-known San Daniele ham is got from pigs that are butchered when they are adults: it can weighs from 8 Kg to 10 Kg. Its lean meat is light read whereas its fat meat is white. It smells strong and tastes sweet and delicate. Keep the whole piece of ham in a fresh place and, once you have sliced it, eat it quickly.


- Radicchio (Chicory)
Some historians believe that radicchio is a plant of Oriental origin, which was introduced in Venice around the end of XV century and cultivated for the first time in the province of Treviso. It got commercial value in the second half of XIX century. From 1960s onwards the cultivation of red radicchio spread in other Italian regions such as Abruzzo, Emilia-Romagna, Lombardia, Marche and Puglia.
Radicchio (Cichorium intybus) is a herbaceous plant belonging to the Compositae family. The radicchio-harvesting starts in October and it goes on until February.

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