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It is a medieval city situated between Cecina and Era valleys.
At first it was a strong Etruscan city; then it became a powerful and well-known Roman city.


Volterra, 530 mt
- Fortress
The fortress is a wonderful example of Renaissance military architecture. It dominates the city and is made up of two main parts:
  • one side of the fortress dates back to the fourteenth century; it is trapezoidal and is formed by a semielliptic tower;
  • the other side dates back to the end of the fifteenth century; it is square and is formed by a central embattled tower and four round towers at the corners.


(Area archeologica di Vallebuona)
Volterra, 530 mt
- Archaeological site of Vallebuona
In that city you can visit several archaeological remains which are situated in different spots:
  • the Roman theatre dates back to the end of I century. Today you can see the proscenio, the cavea and the portico;
  • in the western side of the city you can visit "Enrico Fiumi" archaeological park, where you can find the ruins of the ancient necropolis;
  • the Etruscan arch is located in Porta dell'Arco street; it is part of the Etruscan city walls (IV-III century B.C.).

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