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Pisa - Typical Products

Typical produce from Italy
Tuscany is also popular for its delicious food, gastronomic specialities and typical produce coming from a rich and fertile land.
Food is natural and tasty; it is to be eaten only fresh so… come and taste our food directly in Tuscany!


(Tuscany Pecorino)
- Tuscan pecorino cheese (Tuscan sheep's cheese)
"Tuscan pecorino cheese", which includes several kinds of sheep's cheese, became a DOC and a protected produce in 1986 and in 1996 respectively.
Fresh, mild and fragrant pecorino cheeses are widespread above all in Pontremoli and in Lunigiana, in Massa Carrara, in Garfagnana and in Lucca. In Val d'Orcia, in Siena, on Mount Amiata, in Maremma and in Grosseto you can easily find 5/6-month-refined pecorino cheeses. The so-called pecorini delle crete are made in abundance in Siena, on the hills of Chianti and of Montalcino.
We suggest you to eat pecorino cheese together with honey , because it brings out the taste of the ripe sheep's cheese. As a grated cheese it is used to cook "ribollita" and to serve pasta; e.g., on the coast of Maremma penne (a kind of pasta) is served with a fresh anchovies and pecorino cheese sauce.


- Biroldo
It is one of the most ancient sausages known in Garfagnana. Biroldo tastes pungent; it is made by farmers by using pig parts of the body such as head, lungs, heart, tongue. First meat and entrails are boiled for two hours; then they are cut and mixed with salt, pepper, cloves, anise, cinnamon, nutmeg and pig blood. Finally the mixture is made into sausages by using the pig bladder or stomach and it is boiled for about four hours. You have to eat biroldo within ten days or you can ripen it with lard for about six months.


(Chianti - Wine)
- Chianti
Throughout the years Chianti's quality has improved so much that today it is considered as an international, elaborate and leading wine.
The production of Chianti is widespread over the whole Tuscany, its place of origin; however, the Sangiovese, i.e. the Chianti's most important vine, is often used in the vineyards in Central Italy.
You can choose among 16 types of Chianti: Classico, Colli Aretini, Colli Fiorentini, Colline Pisane, Colli Senesi, Rufina and Montalbano…The kind of grape is the same for the several types of Chianti, whereas the amount of Trebbiano and Malvasia changes: 5-10% in Chianti wine, 2-5% in the other types of Chianti.
The wine tradition is so much rooted in Tuscany that growers plant the rows of Chianti by considering the amount of grapes which will be necessary to produce wine, thus making the grape harvest easier.

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