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Typical Italian produce
The most typical dish of Bari cooking is "orecchiette" with tomato sauce or turnip tops. It is a DOC produce.
The combination of vegetables and pulses is also very good: e.g., a savoury starter is broad beans purée with chicories.
Fish such as octopuses and seafood is excellent as well as lamb and horse meat. In addition, the vines of Murge, Itria and Terra di Bari produce over 20 DOC wines.


(Pane di Altamura)
Altamura, 460 mt
- Bread from Altamura
Without any doubts it is the best bread of Apulia.
It is a DOC bread: in fact, it has the certification which guarantees and preserves its uniqueness in Europe. You will recognize the real bread from Altamura from the caption "Pane Dop di Altamura" and from the biological blue stamp, bearing the Apulian city coat of arms, applied directly on the bread or on its microperforated packaging.


- Lampascioni (cipollotti amari)
Lampascioni, typical of Apulian and Basilicata cuisine, are a kind of wild onions tasting bitterish and growing naturally in uncultivated lands. In fact, you find them by ploughing the land. You can eat them in oil, in salad or in omelette.
Unlike usual onions, lampascioni taste more bitterish and need 4 or 5 years to grow before being picked. In northern Italy they are not so well-known even though they were picked and eaten in the past. Lampascione was already well-known for its aphrodisiac powers in the days of the Latin poet Ovidio.

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