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It is a group of volcanic islands, whose name was "Diomedee" in honour of Diomede, the Greek hero who, according to a legend, would have died there on his way back after the Troy war.
They are 22 Km northwards from the Gargano coast. They are made up of:

  • Saint Domino;
  • Capraia;
  • Saint Nicola;
  • Cretaccio;

and Pianosa Island, which is about 24 Km far from the Tremiti Islands; it is 11,4 ha wide, its coast is 1,700 Km long, there is no vegetation on the island and it is uninhabited.

An Historical Outline
During the Middle Ages the Tremiti Islands belonged to the Abbey which was built by Benedictines from Montecassino on Saint Nicola Island. In 1792 Federico IV from Neaples made them the seat of a penal settlement, where groups of Neapolitan prisoners were deported (the present dialect comes from them). The islands were a place of internment for common criminals and politic convicts until the year 1943.


(Grotta del bue marino)
photo by - isole Tremiti
Saint Domino Island was labelled as "the paradise orchard" by the Benedictine monks because of its richness in many-coloured flowers. In the middle of the island you can visit the village whereas in its highest side you can see the Hermit's Chapel (Cappella dell'Eremita). A wide pinewood extends on the whole island. The sea is very clean.
Along its coast you can visit several caves such as Salt Cave (Grotta del Sale), Violets Cave (Grotta delle Viole) and Dugong Cave (Grotta del Bue Marino), which is near the lighthouse and is about 70 mt deep.
The island is 207 ha wide, 2,600 Km long and 116 mt high.


(Torre del Pennello)
photo by - isole Tremiti
Saint Nicola Island is the most interesting island as far as art is concerned. In fact, a XV-century castle surrounded by boundary walls stands on the island. On the highest side you can visit St Maria al Mare Church and its annexed Abbey.
The island is rocky, it drops straight to the sandy small beach where the village lies between two rows of trees. There is also a small pinewood. The island is 42 ha wide, 1,600 Km long and 75 mt high.


(San Nicola's island)
photo by - isole Tremiti
Between Saint Domino Island and Saint Nicola Island you can see Cretaccio Islet, which is yellow because of its clayey origin. It is disappearing because of the continuous erosion by the weather and the sea. It is 3,5 ha wide and 30 mt high. You can see the Old Woman Rock (Scoglio della Vecchia).
Behind Saint Nicola Island you can see Caprara Island, uninhabited but as interesting as the other islands. It is 45 ha wide, 1600 Km long and 600 mt wide.

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