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City of Venice - Italy

Venice is a wonderful city in the lagoon of Veneto and one of the most important ports of the Mediterranean Sea.
It is a city rich in museums where you can see the finest original works of art by the greatest artists; nowadays Venice is a wonderful well-known centre of art. Its many palaces and churches make it a museum under the open sky. In addition Venice is called the “City of Lovers”: indeed, thanks to the lack of cars you can have long and quiet walks all around the city. Venice is the ideal place to be visited both by young and less younger tourists.


(Canal Grande - Gran Canal)
Venice, 0 mt
- Canal Grande
The Canal Grande is so called because it is the widest waterway (it is “S”-shaped) running through Venice.
While sailing up and down the Canal you can see beautiful bridges such as:
  • ponte Degli Scalzi (Scalzi Bridge),
  • ponte Rialto (Rialto Bridge),
  • ponte dell'Accademia (Academy Bridge).

You can admire sumptuous XIII-century and XVIII-century palaces as well such as:

  • palazzo Vendramin Calergi (Vendramin Calergi Palace),
  • Cà d'Oro (Cà d’Oro Palace),
  • palazzo Grassi (Grassi Palace),
  • palazzo Dario (Dario Palace),
  • palazzo Cini (Cini Palace),
  • Cà Rezzonico (Cà Rezzonico Palace),
  • Cà Foscari (Cà Foscari Palace),
  • palazzo Papadopoli (Papadopoli Palace),
  • Cà Pesaro (Cà Pesaro Palace).


(St Marco Square)
Venice, 0 mt
- Piazza San Marco (St Marco Square):
The square is 175 metres long. It was labelled as “the most beautiful salon of Europe” by Napoleon and it is the historical, cultural and touristic centre of the city. In that square you can visit some of the most popular places and buildings of Venice, e.g.:
  • Basilica di San Marco (St Marco Basilica);
    according to tradition in the year 828 two merchants from Venice carried St Marco’s mortal remains from Alessandria d’Egitto to Venice and the doge ordered that a church was built in his honour.
  • Campanile di San Marco (St Marco Church Tower):
    the Campanile dates back to the XVI century and it is about 99 metres tall. You can have a wonderful view of the city from the top of the tower. The small three-arched loggia located at the base of the tower was made by Sansovino; the loggia is made up of different columns and is decorated with statues by the same artist.
  • Palazzo Ducale (Ducale Palace):
    it was the sumptuous residence of the doge. It was built in 1309 though it was finished only in 1442. Its facades show different kinds of architectures. The façade overlooking the small square consists of colonnades made up of columns whose capitals are richly decorated. The logge are situated on the colonnades. The façade overlooking the quay shows an elaborate XV-century balcony.
  • Libreria Sansoviniana (o libreria marciana) (Sansoviniana or Marciana Libreria):
    it is a beautiful Renaissance building by J. Sansovino. Inside the building you can get to the lobby through a two-flight staircase. In the middle of the lobby’s ceiling you can see the “Sapienza” by Tiziano. You can visit the golden room and see its many paintings, such as “Canto”, “Musica” and “Onore” by Paolo Veronese. About 750,000 volumes are in the Libreria Sansoviniana; among the several manuscripts preserved here there is the “Breviario Grimani”, i.e. one of the most precious and well preserved manuscript; it dates back to the XV century and it is the work of Flemish artists.


(Rialto Bridge)
Venice, 0 mt
- Ponte di Rialto (Rialto Bridge)
The Ponte di Rialto was built by Antonio da Ponte.
It consists of one arch and two arcades rising on the parapets. Inside them you can find many small shops.
The bridge is the result of the late XVI-century wooden bridges’ reconstruction.
Today you can admire the beautiful relief decorations by A. Rubini and T. Aspetti.


(The Venice Biennial Exhibition)
Venice, 0 mt
- La Biennale di Venezia (The Venice Biennial Exhibition)
The Biennale di Venezia, i.e. one of the most important contemporary art exhibition, takes place in Venice every two years. It represents the launching pad for the best present-day artists’ works.
It was born as a cultural institution in 1893, the year when it organized the first Art Exhibition; throughout the years it has become an Indipendent Association; nowadays it is an Association of interdisciplinary Culture interested in architecture, art, cinema, dance, music and theatre. Indeed it organizes events such as:
  • International Art Exhibition,
  • International Cinema Art Exhibition,
  • International Festivals of live Dance, Music and Theatre Show.


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