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City of Bari - Italy

Bari was an important Roman municipality (Barium), at first part of the Eastern Empire and then conquered by Saracens and Bizantines. During the Napoleonic age the city was widened so that today you can easily distinguish the medieval part from the modern one.
Rich in history and culture, Bari has got economic resources coming from agricolture, commerce and industry; trade with North African and Middle Eastern countries is thriving thanks to its well-equipped port and to its popular Fiera del Levante (Levante Fair).


(Ancient City)
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The Ancient City:
Surrounded by the ancient walls, the old part of the city is a labyrinth of very strict alleys winding between Porto Vecchio and Gran Porto.
The so-called "bassi", i.e. very clean houses with no lights lying on the ground floor, are typical of the ancient city. In the middle of the village you can visit the Cathedral and the Basilica of St Nicola.


(The Basilica of St Nicola)
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The Basilica of St Nicola (Patron Saint of Bari):
It is the most popular example of the Apulian Romanesque style. It was built in 1087, the year when the sailors from Bari stole St Nicola's mortal remains in Asia and carried them to Bari.
The facade is made of white limestone; inside the Basilica you can find medieval sculptures such as the ciborium and the papal throne called "Elia's Chair", both dating back to XII century.
The embossed silver altar and the golden wooden ceiling portray some episodes and miracles of St Nicola's life.


(The Swabian Castle)
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The Swabian Castle:
It is one of the monuments in the city visited more than any others by tourists. Federico II from Swabia ordered its construction between 1233 and 1240; the Castle was built on the ruins of a building dating back to the Norman age.
The central part of the castle is made up of a trapezoidal fortress with two towers and some embattled towers. You get to an inner courtyard, formed by a loggia with two columns whose capitals are in eagle shape, through a gothic portal and a columnade.
Here you can see the so-called Tower "del semaforo" and the Tower of "minorenni".
Upstairs a memorial tablet reminds us the visit by St Francesco.


(Levante Fair)
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Fiera del Levante (Levante Fair):
Born in the year 1930, it takes place every September.
The area where the Fair takes place is 300 square metres wide. In the same place about thirty important national and international events take place all year round.

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