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City of Pescara - Italy

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Bright and modern city at the mouth of the homonymous river, partly on the site of the ancient town Amiternum, whose ruins have been found in several areas of the land. During the late republican age, it was a landing place for Italic people; in the imperial age it was the main port of the region, destroyed by Longobards in 600 A.D. But in the XII century it was still a thriving place until its prosperity was damaged by the destructions which followed the Norman wars.

Not even a huge system of defensive works, whose construction was ordered by Charles V as a bulwark of the Kingdom of Naples, could keep it safe from incursions and sieges. In 1927 it became chief town of province as a result of the fusion of two towns located in the north and in the south of the mouth of the river: Castellamare Adriatico and Pescara. The present name was preferred to "Amiternum" to honour Gabriele D'Annunzio, who was born in the area in the south of the river.


(The beach)
Pescara, 0 mt
Nature, art, culture and beach.
A centre of conference tourism and a modern seaside resort, Pescara boasts wide and soft beaches whose boundaries are marked by two pinewoods: in the north, the Nature Reserve of St Filomena; in the south, the Avalos Pinewood, recalling the popular writer D'Annunzio. It is in a fine residential area, where you can see interesting buildings: cottages in liberty style, the modern Auditorium "Flaiano" and the Theatre dedicated to D'Annunzio.


(Tourist Port)
Pescara, 0 mt
The Tourist Port
A One of the Greates Adriatic Ports and among the most inportant of the mediterranean sea provided with advanced facilities, oasis of security and relax in the centre of a modern and hospitable city with the best air, railway, montorway and sea links. Opposyte there are the finest Adriatic routes (Croazia, Greece, Gargano, Tremiti); at the back we can find allarge land rich in nature, the one of the green land of Europe with enchanted nationale parks and sanctuaries as a hintheland rich in history, artistic testimony and gastronomic specialities.


(Church of the Sacred Heart)
Pescara, 0 mt
Church of the Sacred Heart
Church dedicated to the Sacred Heart; the Procession on Good Friday moves from it. It is a brick building. It was consecrated in 1900, when it was still unfinished, in order to replace the small Church of St Anne, located inside Villa Muzii along Viale G.Bovio, which was no longer able to contain the increasing number of the inhabitants of the town in 1900.


(Canal Harbour of Pescara)
Pescara, 0 mt
Canal Harbour of Pescara
The project for the canal harbour of Pescara was designed by the engineer Tommaso Mati on 22 April 1868 on behalf of the Abruzzo Minister of Public Works De Vincenzi; it was a wide, well-organized and ambitious project which should have changed the port of Pescara into an extraordinary facility capable of encouraging Abruzzo's development.

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