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Trabocchi: Pescara - Ortona - Vasto

-The Coast of Trabocchi
Trabocchi, i.e. fishing huts built on piles, are fishing machines on the seashore. They stretch out above the rocks through a walkway or thanks to a fishing net hooked onto long outrigger arms so that you can get to spots where the sea is deeper and more abounding in fish even without using a boat. In trabocchi on rocks and quays you can find a hut built on piles: it is a shelter for the fisherman waiting to haul in the nets; it is also a closet for storing tools or it is used as a protection for the winch pulling the ropes. Throughout the ages many families earned their livelihood from fishing through trabocchi; indeed, the haul was eaten by families but it was also exchanged with other foodstuffs or it was sold on the trabocco itself or in stalls by the roadside.


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You can see Trabocchi in several areas of the Adriatic coast. In Abruzzo they are especially on the coast of Chieti, in the stretch of sea from Punta Acquabella, in Ortona, to Vasto. Here you will find above all trabocchi on the rocks whereas in San Vito, Vasto, Pescara and Giulianova Ports you can see the typical trabocchi on the quay too. Finally you can find trabocchi on the river along the river Pescara and at the mouth of the river Sangro. Trabocchi are part of the Abruzzo landscape since they are usual structures along the coast and because they originate just from that kind of environment and its elements: from the acacia wood (acacia trees grow behind the beaches) to the trees fallen down on the riverside, from boards to other pieces of wreckage given back by the sea after storms.


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Built on roks, on quays or on the riversides, similar to a continuation of the ground in the sea, trabocchi are the result of a natural architecture with no ornamental elements. Each board, rope and nail - who knows where they can have been found out!- has got its own role, its own reason for being where it is. Trabocchi are very ancient and short-lived at the same time, each one is different from the others but all change constantly because of the continuous repairings they need to survive.
In the last two centuries they attracted travellers and poets. Their look charms still today thanks to that weaving of beams and ropes so fragile and light seemingly, in fact so flexible and resistant to the most fearful sea storms.
In the last few years almost every trabocco has been rebuilt. They have no more their previous economic function: they were the main source of livelihood for many families. Today fishing from trabocchi is above all a Sunday hobby rather than an economic "business"... In addition on trabocchi you can taste the typical Abruzzo dishes.

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