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Buffalo mozzarella
The buffalo mozzarella from Campania is probably the most popular Italian dairy product in the world. It owes its name to the technique that was originally used to cut the paste by hand: its roundish shape can be also changed to form twists and ovoline (similar to eggs) without affecting its taste.
It is produced in the area of Caserta and Salerno, around Naples and in Benevento. Ancient documents show that monks used to eat it already in the 12th century.

... versione italiana su [olio extra vergine d'oliva ].

The pecorino "con la lacrima" of Atri is the finest expression of the local cheese-making tradition. Other ripe cheeses worthy of mention are pecorino of Montone di Mosciano and the Scamorze of Isola del Gran Sasso. Among fresh cheeses, the unquestioned protagonist is Giuncata, a sweet and delicate cheese made with curdled milk coagulated in rush baskets.Marcetto is limited to family consumption, since its sale is prohibited by law.
It is made with ripe sheep's milk cheese fermented with milk. In this way, the larva of the "Piophila Casei", more commonly known as "cheese fly", can feed off and digest the cheese, changing its consistency. The result is the formation of a pink cream with a strong smell. After processing in a blender, the cheese is preserved in a jar to be eaten as a spread. The decision to prohibit the sale of Marcetto is because the larva has a hook that can cause damage to the gastrointestinal tract.

... versione italiana su [mozzarella].

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Mozzarella and Cheese


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