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The Castle of Roccascalegna - ITALY

(Castello di Roccascalegna - Abruzzo)
Roccascalegna, 600 mt

It is one of the most beautiful castles in Abruzzo.
It lies on a rocky spur dominating the village of Roccascalegna and the Rio Secco deep valley.
The Longobards built the castle quite probably around V-VI century, even though early written information about its existence date back to 1058 and appear in "Catalogus Baronum".
It is said that the "ius primae noctis" was born in Roccascalegna in 1646 by the will of Baron Corvo De Corvis; it is said that the Baron was stabbed just by a young man who did not want to submit to that rule.
Throughout the centuries the castle has been restored.
Today it is made up of some small semicircular towers and a square tower called "Normanna" enclosed by a fence.
Roccascalegna, 600 mt.

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