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The Castle in Celano - ITALY

(Castello Dragonetti - Abruzzo)
Celano, 650 mt

(Castello di Calano - Abruzzo)
Celano, 650 mt
The Castle in Celano
The present castle was built by Pietro Berardi, the Count of Celano, in 1392. In 1451 Lionello Acclozamora built the communication trench for patrol and four corner towers. Antonio Piccolomini completed this work and changed the castle from a military fortress to a comfortable luxury palace. It belonged to several rich families: the Savelli, the Sforza-Cesarini, the De Torres and finally the Dragonetti.
The castle was seriously damaged by an earthquake in 1915 and it stayed abandoned until 1940, when restoration work started. They were interrupted because of World War II and they were finished in 1960. In the south-east side of the castle there are two entrances, the first one through a drawbridge and the second one, which is more ancient, through an ogival arch. The building is surrounded by irregular castle walls with 11 small square-plan towers and 5 small circular-plan towers. It is one of the best-preserved castles in Italy. Today the castle houses the Sacred Art of Marsica Museum.
(Celano, 650 mt).


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