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Carlo Magno's castle - ITALY

(Castel Menardo - Abruzzo)
Serramonacesca, 900 mt

Castel Menardo, placed among the woods on the Ciumina, the hill near Serramonacesca, is probably the oldest fortress in the region and overlooks with is imposing presence the territory beneath, the passages on the Pescara Valley and the passes of Mount Maiella.
Traditions say it was built by Carlo Magno's paladins only in one night, but its origins are uncertaint and it could date bake to the twelfth century; its main function was to control the historical ways and the "tratturo magno" (the most important sheep track) in particular, which was fundamental for economic and social geography of Abruzzo in those times. The surrounding area is rich in interesting places such as the Polegra tower, the abbey of San Liberatore a Maiella and the hermitage of Sant'Onofrio.
Serramonacesca, 900 mt.

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