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Gubbio, 522 mt
~ The Marmore Waterfall - The Cascata delle Marmore ( the Marmore Waterfall) is the highest in Europe (165 mt) and it is only 40 Km from Perugina. It is amid a wonderful natural landscape; it is a man-made work: the Romans made it to reclaim the area.
In 271 B.C., the Roman consul Manlio Curio Dentato ordered to dig a canal in order to avoid brakish waters and marshy areas and to convey them towards the Marmore Rock, making them fall into the River Nera.
In 1787 Architect Andrea Vinci from Terni made a diagonal cutting in the second crag of the waterfall in order both to avoid that the Rieti plain became marshy whenever the River Velino was in flood and to permit a better flow of the River Nera's water.
You can get to the Waterfall both from the upper and the lower lookout: it is better to get to it from the upper one so that you can walk down the paths easily and admire the waterfall from the "lovers' balcony", which is just under the first crag..
~ Gubbio - Gubbio, an ancient city whose origins are told in the "Tavole Eugubine" inside Palazzo Consoli (Consoli Palace), was an important place during the Roman age; the "Teatro Romano" (Roman Theatre) confirms that.
It is the masterpiece of the medieval civilization and of the XIII- and XIV-century society. The beautiful urban complex made up of Palazzo Consoli, Piazza Pensile and Palazzo Pretorio dates back to the beginning of the XIV century.


  • EUROCHOCOLATE - From 13 to 21 October 2007.
  • MARCH OF THE PEACE - Marcia della Pace Perugia - Assisi: 07 October 2007.

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