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City of Perugia - Italy

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Perugia is called "Arca Guelfa" (Guelph Ark). It includes five historical neighbourhood within its Etruscan walls. "Porta Pulchra or Porta d'Augusto" (Pulchra or Augustus Gate) is one of the seven gates which let you enter the city. When you enter the city throughout Porta San Pietro (St Peter Gate),you can see the Basilica di San Domenico (St Domenico's Cathedral); inside its monastery you can visit the National Archaeological Museum of Umbria.
Piazza Grande di Perugina (Piazza IV Novembre) includes Palazzo dei Priori (Priors Palace), the Cathedral and the XIII-century Fontana Maggiore (the Main Fountain).


(The Main Fountain)
Perugia, 493 mt
- The Main Fountain
The Main Fountain was built in 1274. Nicola and Giovanni Pisano made the 50 basreliefs and the 24 statues that decorate the two fountain basins. The fountain basins' mirrors show characters, saints, symbols and scenes concerning the city.


(The Giardino di Rocca Paolina)
Perugia, 493 mt
- The Giardino di Rocca Paolina
The Giardino di Rocca Paolina (Rocca Paolina's Garden) has been made on the Rocca Paolina's basement. That basement includes a whole district of the ancient city, a dead town, that is worth visiting.


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