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City of Pisa - Italy

The city of Pisa is of Ligurian-Etruscan origin but it was afterwards conquered by the Romans thus becoming an important fortified town thanks to its port. It extended its influence on eastern lands too by taking part in the first Crusade. Many enemies, above all Genoa and Florence, tried to obscure the splendour of the city, so that Pisa lost the control over the sea; however throughout the centuries it became popular as a city of culture and its good fame was confirmed by the foundation of the Scuola Normale at the beginning of the eighteenth century.
The beautiful Piazza dei Miracoli bears witness to the city's glorious past and it is a place visited by million of tourists from all over the world.


(Duomo - Cathedral)
Pisa, 10 mt
- Duomo (Cathedral)
The Cathedral of Pisa is in romanesque style. Buschetto started its construction in the eleventh century but it was finished in the second half of the twelfth century by Rainaldo, who built the facade.
You can enter the Cathedral through four doors: three of those doors date back to the eighteenth century and have replaced the original ones by Bonanno Pisano. The door of St Ranieri is original.
Inside the Cathedral you can see many works of art:
  • the marble pulpit by Giovanni Pisano, the basis of Italian gothic sculpture, made between 1302 and 1311;
  • the tomb of Emperor Arrigo VII, made by Tino Camaino in the fourteenth century;
  • the painting with St Agnese by Andrea del Sarto;
  • the baroque chapel devoted to St Ranieri, i.e. the patron saint of the city.


(Torre di Pisa o Pendente)
Pisa, 10 mt
- Torre Pendente or Torre di Pisa (The Leaning Tower)
Without any doubts it is the main tourist attraction, well-known for its beautiful design and unique in the world.
Bonanno Pisano started to build the tower in 1173 but by midwork the tower leaned because of a sinking of the ground. After about a century Giovanni di Simone resumed the building work: he solved the problem thus becoming the main constructor of the marvellous tower, even though the tower was finished by Tommaso Pisano in 1372.
The tower is roud-planned and leans over 5° to the south. It has a winding staircase made up of 294 steps. Through it you can get to a panoramic terrace: from it Galileo performed his experiments on the force of gravity.


(Battistaro - Baptistery)
Pisa, 10 mt
- Battistero (Baptistery)
Opposite the Cathedral's facade you can see the Baptistery of St John the Baptist.
It was started by Diotisalvi in 1152 and was finished by Nicola Pisano after about a century. It is round-planned with octagonal-shaped dome and arcades in the lower part; the loggia shows sculptural decorations and spires.
The Baptistery has four portals but the one opposite the Cathedral is the most beautiful because it is rich in XII-century reliefs. Inside the Baptistery there are a lot of sculptures by Nicola and Giovanni Pisano, e.g. the beautiful pulpit by Nicola Pisano.


(Palazzo dei Cavalieri - Palace of Knights)
Pisa, 10 mt
- Palazzo dei Cavalieri (Palace of Knights)
In the past Piazza dei Cavalieri was a Roman forum and a medieval political place. In that square you can visit Palazzo dei Cavalieri, also called Palazzo della Carovana because the aspiring knights attended there an initiation course called "Carovana".
Palazzo degli Anziani del Popolo was changed in its architecture by Vasari in 1562.
The facade's graffito decoration is original though restored. Between the second and third floor you can see niches with busts of Medicean grand dukes.

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