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City of Alghero - Italy

Alghero is a city overlooking the sea. Perhaps its name comes from the leaves of "oceanic Posidonia", wrongly called "alga" (seaweed), which grows abundantly along the sandy beaches.
The city centre, overlooking the sea and rich in picturesque spots and beautiful buildings, is the most interesting part of the island and attracts tourists thanks also to its society life.
The city was founded in the XII century by the Genoese Doria family; but in XIV century it was conquered by the Spanish. Today Alghero's language and folklore are those ones of the Catalan people.


(The Cathedral of St Maria)
Alghero, 0 mt
- Cathedral
The stately Cathedral overlooks the opposite small Piazza Duomo (Duomo Square). The pronaos (i.e., colonnade) is made up of doric columns. The gable (i.e., triangular upper part of the facade) dates back to 1820. The portal is below the bell tower.
The Cathedral's Gothic-Aragonese bell tower is 40 metres high; it is formed by five hexagonal storeys and ends with a spire. Without any doubts it is the most beautiful bell tower of Sardinia.


(Torre dello Sperone)
Alghero, 0 mt
- Torre dello Sperone (Spur Tower)
Torre dello Sperone is also called Sulis Tower because it was the prison where the revolutionary from Cagliari Vincenzo Sulis stayed when he was sent into exile to Maddalena from 1799 to 1821.
Like the other Spanish towers in Alghero, Torre dello Sperone is a massive round-planned building, made up of two overlapped rooms. They are covered with rib-ceilings and they are linked together by a helicoidal-shaped stairway made in the thickness of the wall.


(Church of St Francesco)
Alghero, 0 mt
- The Church of St Francesco
The Church's facade is quite simple: in the middle you can see two rose-windows belonging to two different building stages. The lower rose-window is romanesque and dates back to the second half of the 14th century whereas the upper one is Czech and dates back to the end of the 16th century.
Also the cloister shows two different building stages: the lower floor was built during the 15th century, the upper floor dates back to the 18th century. The capitals' decorations are original therefore it is one of the best preserved cloister of the island.

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