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City of Ancona - Italy

The city extends around the promontory of Mount Conero. Ancona, i.e. the capital city of the region, has got the most well-working port of the middle Adriatic sea, as it is linked almost naturally with Greece and Croatia.
In the city you can find very interesting monuments such as:
  • Mole Vanvitelliana or Laemocomium (the Mole of Vanvitelli)
  • Duomo di San Ciriaco (the Cathedral of San Ciriaco)
  • Anfiteatro Romano (the Roman Amphitheatre)
  • Palazzo Ferretti (Museo Nazionale delle Marche) (Ferretti Palace-National Museum of Marche)
  • Arco di Traiano and Arco Clementino (Trajan Arch and Clementine Arch.


(the Mole of Vanvitelli)
Ancona, 0 mt
- Mole Vanvitelliana or Laemocomium (the Mole of Vanvitelli)
The Lazaretto (Laemocomium) of Ancona was built by Architect Luigi Valvitelli in 1732. It was built in order to ensure immunity to epidemics which might have been spread by goods and people from other countries.
Throughout the years the Lazaretto has been used as a military hospital and barracks.
The Municipality is the owner of the Mole since 1990 and has made it the heart of the city as far as art and culture are concerned.


(the Cathedral of San Ciriaco)
Ancona, 0 mt
- Duomo di San Ciriaco (the Cathedral of San Ciriaco)
From the top of Guasco Hill the Cathedral of San Ciriaco dominates the city and its port. It is a medieval monument which was built between XI and XIII century on the base of a III-century B.C. Italic temple. You enter the Cathedral through a wonderful portal made of white and red stone; it is a church with nave and two aisles separated by Roman columns with Byzantine capitals. Inside the Cathedral you can admire the “monumento del Beato Ginelli” (1509) (“monument of the Blessed Ginelli”) whereas in the crypt you can see the remains of the Italic temple.


(the Roman Amphitheatre)
Ancona, 0 mt
- Anfiteatro Romano (the Roman Amphitheatre)
The Roman Amphitheatre (I century A.D.), located near the Cathedral of San Ciriaco, is together with Arco di Traiano (Trajan Arch), the most important monument bearing witness to the Roman influence on the city of Ancona.
The Amphitheatre, situated between Colle dei Cappuccini (Cappuccini Hill) and Colle Guasco (Guasco Hill) was built during the Augustan Age; its seating capacity was 8,000. Today you can still see remains of mosaic floor, the front entrance and two back entrances.


(Ferreti Palace-National Museum of Marche)
Ancona, 0 mt
- Palazzo Ferretti (Ferreti Palace-National Museum of Marche)
Palazzo Ferretti, built in 1560, is the seat of the National Archaeological Museum. It contains many finds dating back to the Paleolithic and Iron Age, Greek finds, Hellenistic sculptures, Roman mosaics and sculptures. In addition, the Museum contains the popular golden bronze statues by Cartoceto from Pergola.
Palazzo Ferretti ‘s façade is noteworthy. It is a work by Vanvitelli.


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