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Trulli of Alberobello (The White Cones of Apulia)
(from the Greek word "trullos", i.e. cupola). Trulli are a unique example of public housing widespread in Puglia, especially in Alberobello, Putignano and Martina Franca. It is a very ancient Mediterranean mainly round-shaped kind of house, made up of one simple room, which is often divided into several rooms. The roof is made up of dark horizontal slabs stepped upwards and it is closed by a decorative stone.


Alberobello, 420 mt
In 1996 the Trulli of Valle d'Itria and above all those ones of Alberobello, well-known all over the world, were declared "humanity world property" by UNESCO.
Today there are more than 10000 Trulli scattered in Puglia: 1000 Trulli are in the town centre of Alberobello.
Originally the Trulli were shelters for shepherds and farmers and they were simple huts; throughout the years they evolved; they are made up of two fixed parts: the baseboard and the vault.
  • The baseboard is formed by a square base;
  • the vault is cone-shaped and it ends into a pinnacle.

In the area where the cone-shaped part begins, the Trulli show a drawing: it can be a sacred, profane or astral drawing.


Alberobello, 420 mt
Alberobello (A fairytale town)
Alberobello (420 mt above the sea level) is the town well-known all over the world for its Trulli (the White Cones). Its name comes from Sylva Arboris Belli, i.e. an oak wood which grew in that area in the past.
It is a picturesque rural town in Murge whose touristic area includes:
  • rione Monti, lying on the hill, is very charming with its over 1000 Trulli overlooking the narrow streets;
  • rione Aia Piccola is the south-east area of Alberobello: here you will find about 400 Trulli, all used as houses.

The so-called Trullo Sovrano is very interesting to see and visit because it is the tallest Trullo: it is 14 mt tall.

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