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(St Domenico lake)
Villalago, 900 mt

(Archaelogical site - Abruzzo)
Cansano, 835 mt
~ Pope Celestine V - Further up Mount Morrone, you can get through a mule track to the hermitage where St Peter Celestine spent a long time living in loneliness and practising meditation. There he was informed he had been chosen as the new Pope.
~ Last Sunday of July (Italy), the Medieval Courtly Joust, in Major Square (it dates back to the Swabian Age and to the warrior traditions of that time).
~ Easter performances in Sulmona have ancient roots, and it is thought they are Christianity fitted versions of ancien heathen rites performed in early Spring in order to wish good harvests and an enduring freedom.
~ City of Love Why is Sulmona the City of Love? Sulmona is the birthplace of Ovidio, and Ovidio is the poet of love. The cantor who, in his life, always celebrated this sentiment, interpreting it in its every possible declension.
This loving approach to all things in life is in very soul of Sulmona, which has become the worldwide capital of the “confetto”: the confection that has always accompanied those special moments of love.
~ Spa The new spa was built at about a hundred meters from the previous one, in a charming natural background. Its waters are good for several pathologies: arthritis, rheumatism, otorhinolaryngological and pneumatological pathologies.
~ Archaeological park in Cansano


  • Fires (in March): in Garibaldi Square, on Sunday after St Joseph's Day.
  • Easter: the "Madonna rushing across the Square".
  • 28 April: St Panfilo's Day;
  • Second half of May: The "SWEET CONFETTO".
  • Last Sunday of July: the Medieval Courtly Joust, in Major Square.
  • Second half of August: Abruzzo DOC (fair of Abruzzo typical products).
  • From May to October: concerts and shows organized by the Camerata Musicale in Sulmona; October, opera contest "Maria Caniglia".

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