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Saint Onofrio Hermitage (Pope Celestine V)

(Eremo di Sant'Onofrio - Abruzzo)
Sulmona, 650 mt

(Eremo di Sant'Onofrio - Abruzzo)
Sulmona, 650 mt

(Eremo di Sant'Onofrio - Abruzzo)
Sulmona, 650 mt

(Eremo di Sant'Onofrio - Abruzzo)
Sulmona, 650 mt
Saint Onofrio Hermitage
St Onofrio on Mount Morrone: That is the hermitage where five ambassadors of the Conclave announced to the hermit Pietro his election as Pope Celestine V on 5 July 1294. In the same place it took place Celestine's decline, as two months after his refusal the soldiers took him away from his hermitage and locked him up until his death into the Tower of the Castle of Fumone. It is said his soul went and see St Onofrio Hermitage on Mount Morrone again before entering heaven.
Also it is said he appeared to his dear follower, Roberto from Salle, a friar who lived with Pietro in the hermitage.
It was 19 May 1296 A.C.
On St Onofrio Hermitage lies a small church, an ideal place for spiritual retreats. You can have a wonderful view of the whole Peligna Valley from there.
Sulmona, 650 mt.

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